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Understanding California Drug Laws

Not only are most drug crimes also federal offenses, but California is the state with the most drug crime cases. California law imposes serious penalties for drug-related offenses. Drug manufacturing is always charged as a felony in California. According to California code, a manufacturer of drugs is any person who prepares, derives, compounds, or repackages any drug or device for producing drugs. This can even entail merely offering or planning to manufacture drugs. Being found with a tool or equipment used for drug production can be enough for an arrest and charges.

Since drug manufacturing is a felony, potential conviction carries steep penalties. It could lead to 3, 5, or 7 years in prison and up to $50,000 in fines. Certain circumstances can increase these penalties. Multiple charges may come with an additional charge of drug possession, since a prosecutor often will also have to prove possession of drugs before they can reveal that the individual was also manufacturing them. Not only would being a convicted felon hamper your future, but being convicted of a drug crime in and of itself can make employment and housing difficult to obtain. You need to defend your freedoms with an aggressive Long Beach criminal defense attorney.

Retain a Long Beach Drug Crime Attorney to Defend Your Rights

You deserve a legal advocate who is experienced in criminal law and can handle all your charges, no matter how complicated. At the Law Offices of Damone & Schroeder, our drug crime attorneys have nearly six decades of experience in successfully defending their clients, getting charges reduced and cases dismissed.

A Long Beach drug attorney from our firm will be committed to going above and beyond in providing the strongest possible defense for a client. We make it our aim to provide skilled and compassionate legal support to help you through this difficult time and protect your future. We do not take on too many clients, helping to ensure that your case will receive full and personal attention. To find out how a criminal defense attorney from our firm can help you, contact our office and fill out a free case evaluation today.

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