Expungement of a Criminal Record

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Depending on your circumstances, you could be able to clear your criminal record of some or all of the convictions you have incurred. If you are interested in moving away from your past and gaining a fresh start, you should speak with an experienced Long Beach expungement attorney. Expungement is generally defined as a type of lawsuit in which an individual who has been convicted of a crime requests that the record be destroyed or sealed. With a successful expungement, you could be able to legally answer no to questions on employment forms such as, "Have you ever been convicted of a crime?"

At the Law Offices of Damone & Schroeder, we are dedicated to providing excellent representation for our clients and we are intent on helping you accomplish your goals for your future. We will be able to discuss your criminal record and prior convictions in order to determine whether your record (or a portion of your record) can be cleared. We can evaluate your circumstances and give you the legal advice and counsel that you need when you need to remove a conviction.

Interested in clearing your criminal record?

Crimes you were convicted of as a teen, various misdemeanors, and even certain felonies may be able to be removed from or sealed in your record. If you want to break free from the constraints of your past, then you should consider speaking with a lawyer who can help you. Clearing your record can give you the opportunity to seek new living arrangements, new employment, and other opportunities. You deserve a chance to start anew with a clean record. There are requirements that you must meet for expungement eligibility, which include:

  • Time passed since the time you were convicted
  • No subsequent convictions for similar or additional crimes
  • Satisfying the terms of your probation and criminal sentence

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