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Criminal Charges for Shoplifting in Long Beach, CA

Shoplifting charges can be filed against any person who inadvertently takes an item and leaves with it without paying. At the Law Offices of Damone & Schroeder we have nearly 40 years of combined experience in defending against theft crime charges of all types, including shoplifting. Attorney Mr. Damone is noted for his ability to put clients at ease under any circumstances, and attorney Mr. Schroeder has years of experience serving as a prosecutor. The firm is committed to providing the highest quality defense to those who are accused of shoplifting, either juvenile or adult.

Defense Lawyer for Shoplifting in Long Beach

The penalty for shoplifting can be up to 6 months in jail and a fine of $1,000 for certain items, and for high value items, the penalties are can be increased. We are interested in speaking with you about what occurred, so that we can move forward with your defense case. Our duty is to you, the client, and our only interest is in seeking a positive outcome for you. We do not judge our clients, but we are committed to providing them with the highest quality defense possible. As trial lawyers, we know the process and what it takes to win. Call us.

If it is believed that you are part of a large scale shoplifting operation, the situation is extremely dangerous. Retailers employ security experts who roam the store, attempting to identify any person who is taking items without paying. You may have been caught in the net, and now face heavy legal repercussions. Even if you actually took the items as alleged, it may be possible to avoid conviction. Allow our Long Beach theft crimes lawyer to review your situation so we can determine what could be done in your case. You may be a victim of a rights violation or other mistake that could lead to the charges being dismissed.

As a merchant has the right to detain any person believed to have shoplifted, the initial situation will include being held at a retail location, awaiting the arrival of police. If our firm is contacted at this point, we may be able to discuss the case with the store owner and help you avoid charges being filed against you. Our early involvement could be critical, and we urge you to contact us immediately.

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