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Most DUI charges in California are classified as misdemeanors. However, several factors may lead the charges to be increased to felony DUI, which come with increased penalties upon conviction. Felony DUI carries a sentence including up to three years jail time, extended license revocation and harsh fines. In addition to the specific sanctions associated with the crime, being convicted of a felony in California carries ramifications in and of itself. The felony conviction will be counted as one strike on an individual's record, pursuant to the state's Three Strikes law and the record stands to affect any future career or educational pursuits.

A DUI charge may be classified as a felony for four main reasons. First, if an individual has four or more counts of DUI offense on their record within a period of 10 years, the fourth and subsequent charges will be classified as felony DUI and subject to the stricter punishments. Secondly, if someone other than the driver is injured due to the impaired driving of the defendant, the charge will be considered a felony DUI. The severity of punishment for felony DUI with injury depends on the extent of the victim's injury, property damage and the level of blood alcohol content level taken at the scene of the arrest.

The third reason that a DUI charge may be changed to a felony is if there was a minor under the age of 14 in the vehicle at the time that the arrest was made. This is considered child endangerment and therefore punishable by harsher penalties. Lastly, if there are any prior felony convictions on record at the time of the DUI arrest, for any reason, the DUI will be processed as a felony offense.

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If you were arrested for DUI and one or more of the factors above apply to your situation, it is impertinent that you contact a Long Beach criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Prosecution of felony DUI is known to be especially aggressive, which is why you need an equally aggressive DUI attorney by your side representing and defending your rights.

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