Ignition Interlock Device

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Being required to have an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in your car is a common punishment for being convicted of DUI. This mechanism measures your blood alcohol level while driving to ensure you are not intoxicated, essentially aiming to prevent any future offenses.

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How does an IID work?

You will be forced to pay for the installation of an IID in your vehicle, which can be as much as $200. In order to start your car once an IID has been installed, the driver must blow into the device. If alcohol is detected on the driver's breath, the IID will keep the engine from starting.

An IID is designed so that only the driver may give a breath sample by:

  • Requiring a specific breath pattern while giving a sample
  • Having a short cord which will not reach to the passenger side or back seats
  • Requiring random samples while driving
  • Detecting and recording attempts to tamper with the device

Once you are driving, your IID will ask for breath samples roughly 5-15 minutes after you begin driving and every 45 minutes again after that. Upon being asked to give a sample to the IID, the driver has six minutes to give a breath sample. If the device detects alcohol on the driver's breath, it will electronically register a failing grade to the court.

We Can Help Fight a Conviction

Generally, a judge can require drivers to have an IID installed for up to three years if they feel it to be appropriate. An IID can be required even for your first DUI offense, especially in your blood alcohol is over 0.15%.

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